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The Stora Sköndal Foundation

The Stora Sköndal Foundation in brief

The Stora Sköndal Foundation provide care, rehabilitation and service accommodation, primarily to the elderly but also to other groups in need of support and help. The Christian, diaconal perspective is a central theme in all our work, along with knowledge, experience, commitment and co-operation.

Living at Stora Sköndal

Stora Sköndal provides accomodation for some 320 pensioners as well as many staff members and their families. Living at Stora Sköndal is more than just being a tenant. Everyone living at Stora Sköndal has access to a social life, a church and a variety of cultural events and beautiful natural surroundings.

Interaction between science, practical work and tradition

On the Stora Sköndal site is Sköndal Campus, part of Ersta Sköndal University College, which runs courses in social work, nursing, diaconal work, theology and church music. Ersta Sköndal University College provides a unique study environment incorporating cultural heritage, interdisciplinary research facilities and a personal approach. A close interaction between academic study and practical work is one of Stora Sköndal´s principal characteristics.

Stora Sköndal Church

Stora Sköndal Church was inaugurated on Thanksgiving Day 1929. For the past few years, the church has been jointly owned by the Stora Sköndal Foundation and Farsta Parish. The curch has activities all week and is open to everyone, and church services are being held every Sunday.


Stora Sköndal is located on historic ground. Traces of grave fields fron 450-1050 AD have been found in the area. The name Sköndal dates from the 17th century, when the property was built on the northern side of Lake Drevviken, south of Stockholm.

The Swedish Society for Diaconal Work was founded in 1898. In 1905 the Society bought the Stora Sköndal property, at the same time introducing a care programme for alcoholics. In 1911 a guest home for elderly was built and in 1952 and since then, the accomodations for the elderly has gradually been expanded. In 1992, the somatic long-term care unit was converted into a nursing home, while the Neurological Clinic was established as a special hospital for rehabilitation and day-care.


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